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Shallow Pools – 'Golden' Single Review

New Boston indie pop band Shallow Pools have released a new single from their upcoming debut album 'I Think About It All The Time'. I’ve not heard the album but would be happy to review it (subtle hint to their PR agency) if it’s as good as this lovely song.

'Golden' is the sound of someone who wants to change but also isn’t convinced that they can! It’s the sound of someone who wants to be in a relationship but is too scared of what can go wrong, we’ve all been at that stage in our lives where we have been burned a few times, really want to have that special feeling but don’t believe it’s there for us so we hold back rather than take a chance.

The longing of wanting to feel something Golden combined with the fear is a perfect juxtaposition, this is excellent lyricism sung perfectly..

The lyrics are underpinned by some lovely indie pop, at times it almost verges on the ambient but it is ultimately a lush sound which works well with the lyrics.

I’m going to go explore some more now, I’ve just heard this single, just how good is the rest of this album? If it maintains this standard I really want to hear it!

Review - Iain McClay


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