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Seaway Release Video For New Single 'Mrs. David'

The wait is over for 'Big Vibe', the highly anticipated new album from Canadian Rock band Seaway. Boasting a diverse range of influences from Tom Petty to David Bowie to The Killers and more, 'Big Vibe' is the band’s most adventurous record yet. Fans of Seaway are also being treated to a new music video for “Mrs. David,”.

"’Mrs. David’ is a special song for us because it was written after the record was finished. The lockdown pushed our original release date back so we were able to go back into the studio to add the song to the record. In my opinion, the album isn’t complete without this song so it was a happy accident that the release was pushed and we were able to add this song.” 

The video for 'Mrs. David' takes place in a fictional world we conjured up with Yeah Films. We wanted it to look dark and seedy almost like our own version of Gotham City. We also pulled heavy influence from David Bowie and Freddie Mercury to nail the 70’s/80’s influence of the video."



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