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Run Into The Night - 'Common Stream Of Conciousness' Single Review

Run Into The Night is a name you're probably not familiar with but let's get that remedied shall we? Before all your friends are talking about them and you feel left out.

Hailing from Glasgow, the duo consist of guitars and drums, and is the brainchild of Christina Cassette who handles the vocals and guitars. Powering them from the back is Andrew Riddell, the man who's given the unenviable task of trying to tame Casette's feral guitar fury.

Their new single "Common Stream of Conciousness" was produced by Jamie Holmes at the legendary Castle of Doom studios, made famous by Mogwai. You can see why the the band have chosen here as, for a two piece, the song sounds full. Kicking off with a spiky ascending riff with some added harmonics that's pummeled into behaving itself by Riddell's hypnotic rhythm, the snare pinning it all in place. Cassette's vocals weave their way through, swaying like a Berlin torch singer which is totally unexpected. You expect something gruff and gravelly but her voice is smooth, literally wrapping itself around you.

The chorus catches you almost off guard. "Oh my baby I love the way you haunt me" she sings and you believe her. An overdriven guitar solo lures you further in before you're dashed against the closing chorus. It fizzes and fuzzes like a bastard and I'm sure that Angus Young will be looking for a missing guitar tone.

You could draw lazy parallels to The White Stripes and that would be a real disservice to Run Into The Night. Think Queens of the Stone Age at their tightest fronted by Debbie Harry from their early Pop/Post-Punk career. Imagine if "Call Me" was written at a desert jam session and you'll get the gist.

If that's whetted your appetite for more then, if you're lucky, you can catch them on tour in the UK this May. If you're not able to get to any of the shows then fear not. Run Into The Night are currently working on a full length album that they're hoping to release on Neon Tetra Records next year. Get started now though before you feel left out.

Review - Scott Hamilton


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