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If you have never heard of the family run festival which is Rockin the Bowl, no-one would be surprised. This is the second RTB that has been lovingly formed by Steve and Zhany Hughes, with help from Geno De Lora who put a massive effort in the smooth running of the festival. It all takes place at Don Valley Bowl in Sheffield.

When I say 'family run', I mean just that as most people working at the event are volunteers and do what ever role they play for love, not money. It feels like a big family of people that are there to support the live rock music scene, and they work bloody hard at it too. Myself and my partner also volunteered to help out in any way we could. From fetching coffee to rushing to the supermarket for a dressing gown for Doro after the one from her rider accidentally got thrown away - credit to Matt for rushing Zhany to Tesco's just before it shut and saving the day! Everyone who helped, played an essential role in the running and execution of this festival and we all did it with a smile on our faces (mostly). I have to also give Pete K Mally a shout out for keeping everyone amused in-between the bands with his family friendly comedy/banter.

Rockin the Bowl took place over three days, Friday night was party night, Saturday was the first full day with the Metal Queen - Doro headlining and Sunday we had the fantastic Massive Wagons headlining. I'm not here to review the bands, but wanted to tell you all about this festival and how much it means to all involved. After spending two days with everyone, it really was a sad goodbye to all, as so many friends were made in such a short space of time.

But you know what? We can (hopefully) do it all again next year!!! As RTB 2022 is already underway and bands being booked as we speak. So ok, these bands may not be everyone's cup of Yorkshire tea, but if you're looking to spend a weekend camping maybe (yes, there's a campsite), or want to let your hair down and relax with likeminded people or even volunteer, I guarantee you will have a great weekend. Here's to Rockin the Bowl 2022!

Friday night (Party Night): Cats in Space

Saturday (in running order): Lowdrive, JOANovARC, Florence Black, Empyre, Hells Addiction, Bad Touch, Gin Annie, DORO

Sunday (in running order): The Dukes of Bordello, Black Whiskey, Sons of Liberty, Bootyard Bandits, Collateral, The Wicked Jackals, Hollowstar, MASSIVE WAGONS.

Loads of other great bands on the second stage The Steel Stage with no clashes throughout.

Photos & Review - Shot By Simmons


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