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Rest Easy - 'Sick Day' EP Review


There is nothing quite as energising as decent Punk. Skip your morning coffee, and load up the new Rest Easy EP as your new alarm - because you’ll feel like jumping out of bed and potentially punching a wall if you wake to this.

‘Sick Day’ manages to bridge the gap between 90's Punk aggression and modern punks self reflection.

It’s fast and shouty, while keeping soul and a strong dynamic sensibility.

'Get Busy Dyin'' kicks off the EP with relentless grit. It’s only 1 minute and 21 seconds but it feels like two songs stitched together with how it shifts in tone, but the powerful vocals manage to keep the song consistent.

'Headaches' has a more traditional structure in comparison to 'Get Busy Dyin’', and has a more modern style to some of the other tracks - reminiscent almost of early The Wonder Years (but with far more aggressive vocal delivery)

'Bad Idea' could easily sit on a Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack without breaking the flow. It’s catchy, earnest and anthemic. The end repetition and gang vocals for “Just another bad idea, I hope you got what you always wanted” while the instrumentation shifts behind is probably the best moment on the whole EP. a definite highlight on this release.

'Sick Day' the EP title track, does sum up the general tone of the EP very well (the speed in places from 'Get Busy Dyin’', the ‘day in the life’ feel of 'Headaches', and the more anthemic qualities of 'Bad Idea') and while it definitely represents the EP as a whole the best, I don’t feel it has quite the same level of identity as the other three have and as a result it’s a weak end to an overall solid EP.

A lot of Punk releases can be very hit and miss - some things have been done to death, but I found my trip with Rest Easy to be really enjoyable and surprising, and ‘Bad Idea’ is going to be a staple on my Spotify from now on.

Review - Kayleigh Morgan


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