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RedHook Release Video For New Single 'Low Budget Horror'

Sydney-based Alternative-Rock force RedHook have unleashed their diabolical new single ‘Low Budget Horror’ – arguably their heaviest single to date and their first-ever self-produced effort.

Lead vocalist Emmy Mack explains the inspiration behind the track:

“Writing ‘Low Budget Horror’ was a necessary catharsis for me after a bit of a messed-up experience I had during Sydney’s 2021 COVID lockdown. A person I’d never met before reached out over social media to give me a heads up that someone else, a total stranger to me, had been (and there really isn’t a more delicate way to put this) viciously blogging her attempts at home-wrecking my relationship. Then, after being confronted with what she’d been doing, the bully backtracked and blamed her actions on her mental health. I am so sick of people using mental health to justify hurting and harming others. It’s not. And this song is the sound of me processing all my thoughts and feelings around that situation – anger, shock, disgust, pity. Lyrically, ‘Low Budget Horror’ is a metaphor for online bullies and the pain they try to inflict, casting their targets as victims in a gruesome public spectacle. But more often than not, it’s a pretty D-grade performance.”


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