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Prey Drive – 'Neon God' EP Review


Prey Drive have created an indie wall of sound which should win them a legion of new fans.. They are not just about thrashing the life out of their instruments though (which they have no trouble doing when they want to!), they have sufficient control to and skill to be able to raise and drop the tempo of their songs as they need. For me some of the more powerful moments come when they show a more vulnerable, quieter side.

The lead singer has the perfect voice for Prey Drive, there is ambition here in bucketloads but, it also feels like there is just a desire to write good quality songs that will last, an ambition which should be applauded. If the EP is anything to go by then Prey Drive just moved to the top end of my ‘ones to watch’ list.

The music itself is mostly towards the rockier, heavier end of Indie Rock and on the whole it’s not the EP you put on if you’re in a quiet, introspective mood. If you do want to jump about your room and throw yourself about this is for you but, as the title track 'Neon God' demonstrates, they can take you up and down in the blink of an eye!

Now we are getting back to live music this is the kind of band I want to go and see, I feel a mosh pit beckon.

Review - Iain McClay


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