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PIXIES - 'Hear Me Out / Mambo Sun' Singles Review

The first new music from the PIXIES since last years comeback album, this double A-side proves, if nothing else, that this band very much still has it in spades.

I played it on repeat for about half an hour the first time l listened to it and will add it to a playlist as both songs are well worth repeated listens.

New song, 'Hear Me Out', is plaintive yet uplifting, it feels like someone trying to make their point in a subtle but determined way. The vocals from Paz feel like a warm blanket, enveloping you but making the point it’s all going to be okay, something a lot of people really need to hear right now. The song is slightly more upbeat than some PIXIES songs which works really well.

'Mambo Sun' is a cover of T-Rex’s classic but performed very much in typical PIXIES fashion, it’s like Black Francis is channeling a less flamboyant Marc Bolan. What struck me most is how Black’s vocals are maturing, he’s heading a bit into New York period Lou Reed with a bit more gravel than before but no less captivating power.

These songs are a very welcome addition to the PIXIES repertoire, they should sound fantastic live if next years planned tour actually manages to happen, meantime, download them, you won’t regret it!

Review - Iain McClay


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