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Morgan Wade Releases Video For New Single 'Run'

Morgan Wade has released 'Reckless (Deluxe Edition)', the expanded edition of her critically acclaimed debut album featuring six brand new tracks. One of these is ‘Run’ and marking the release Morgan has revealed the stunning video for the new track.

The ‘Run’ video finds the fiery live performer trying on personas and channelling gangster Bonnie Parker – who found infamy with her partner in crime Clyde Barrows – for a behind-the-scenes take on a film being made of the star-crossed lovers. Eventually gunned down in Sailes, Bieville Parish, Louisiana almost 90 years ago, Parker’s unrepentant spirit is reflected in the songwriting of Morgan Wade, the young woman from Floyd, Virginia.

“To do this literally would’ve been awful,”

says Wade.

“I didn’t love the high heels, but the idea of pink hair and wearing some of those great clothes while playing one of the most bad ass women in American history? That was freaking awesome. If there’s anybody who was sick of being bored – and that scene’s in there – just ready to take off, it was Bonnie. So, why not blow up what the song is with one of the greatest love stories that was started out on the run.”


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