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Marble Ghosts Announce Debut EP + Release New Single 'Old School'

Recently emerging onto the Canadian metal scene with a distinctive sound and a fierce commitment to challenging societal norms, Marble Ghosts announce the release of their debut self-titled EP and the powerful single, “Old School”.


1. Old School

2. Lie to Me

3. Alone

4. False Heroes

5. End of the World

The single is a thrash punk medley with a biting, unforgettable chorus that serves as an anthem for the disaffected. The song's message resonates with those weary of being ruled by a vocal religious minority. “Old School” is not anti-religious; instead, it targets those who use their beliefs to promote hatred towards LGBTQ communities and advocate for stripping away women's rights.

Marble Ghosts explains further:

“With the words, “God is love and God is hate,” Old Shcool speaks to the way that fundamentalists twist and pervert teachings to fill an agenda of hate. This song is the fuck you to them. Fuck any god whose believers can’t accept love in different shapes and forms and who believe they can tell a person what they can do with their body.”


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