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Madre Sun - 'The Speed Of Light' EP Review


1. Black River

2. Trick Up The Sleeve

3. Speed Of Light

4. Our Way

5. Puzzle

Madre Sun hail from London and are comprised of brothers Eduardo (vocals and bass) and Matt (guitar) Cavina and Tyson Schenker (guitars), with drums on this EP provided by Flipi Stipp.

Single ‘Black River’ kicks things off, starting with a power chord and a cool bass line before developing into what you would call a proper, expansive Rock song coupled with Eduardo’s vocal showing a nice hint of Brian Johnson gravel to it. The video to the song is something you should see – fans, friends and family contributed videos of them listening along and then it was edited together. It reminds you that, even in these times of enforced isolation, somethings will always bring us together.

Best song on the EP is the title track ‘Speed Of Light’ – it’s fast and furious and musically so tight with some outstanding soloing from Tyson. It has that initial familiarity that all good songs do, which draws you into the multiple listening which allows you to develop multiple levels of appreciation.

The other 3 songs don’t (for me) quite manage to reach the peaks of ‘Black River’ or ‘Speed Of Light’, but they’re good, honest Rock songs. And that’s what I really like about Madre Sun – to be honest it’s not really my bag (the current Mrs. W is more of a Rock fan than me) but they do quality Rock with no pretensions or claims to be the next conquerors of the world. They give you a guitars, bass, drums and some outstanding vocals and really, what more could you want?

Review - Chris Watson


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