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Limbonauts Release Video For New Single 'Can U Hear Me?'

“Hello. You’re through to the Apocalypse Hotline. Your call is not important to us…”

A change of pace for the mighty Limbonauts. New single 'Can U Hear Me?' conjures a deep, dark, dubby alt rock rumble with powerful lyrics about the struggle for individual identity in an over-connected media saturated world on the edge of self-destruction.

The Limbonauts are a mysterious space rock entity from another dimension. Or maybe Texas, or New York, who knows?  They first appeared in the night skies in March this year with garage blasting debut 'Come 2 Where U R', swiftly followed by protest epic 'Sacred Bomb' and beat group banger 'Complicated'

“If you know the extension to hell, dial now. If you are calling to discuss vague existential feelings of dread, press 0. For the meaning of life, press 42. To discuss fears of AI bots taking your job, please send a text to our automated helpline. To protest the rise of governmental surveillance, no need to leave a message, we know where you live and officers are on their way…”


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