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Light Grey – 'Are You Even Real' EP Review


1. Messed Up

2. Haunted


4. Disassociate

I approached this EP with interest, what I’d read about this band suggested something different and worthwhile.

Did it deliver? I’m afraid to say only partially. It feels like they didn’t let go enough of where they’ve been and trust in where they wanted to go as much as they should have.

There wasn’t enough to this EP for me to raise it above a number of similar bands but it’s there, just not being let out. Every so often it almost did, I was willing the band to have the courage of their convictions. They kept starting to go to some really interesting places but then pulled back and went back to what seems like a default setting of sounding like one of the crowd.

There are a couple of songs, 'PRLBM' and 'Disassociate', which raise this EP above the crowd and persuaded me this is a band that could have a future if they trust themselves enough and go for it.

The first two songs on the EP didn’t do enough for me to distinguish themselves from the standard fare in the genre. The two other songs mentioned above had more to them, a feeling that there is something more going on here, more of these please but with more bravery, more experimentation and more of trying something new.

Do that and there could be something really interesting stirring in Galway. I sense if they let themselves go and trust in where their instincts seem to be taking them, that they may just have the ability to do something new and exciting. My fingers are crossed!

(for the last two songs on the EP)

Review - Iain McClay


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