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LANDMVRKS - 'Lost In The Waves' Album Review


1. Lost In A Wave

2. Rainfall

3. Silent

4. Visage

5. Tired Of It All

6. Say No Word

7. Always

8. Shoreline

9. Overrated

10. Paralyzed

This is my first contact with LANDMVRKS and I’m happy to announce it won’t be my last.

Firstly they start 'Lost In The Waves' with no holds barred. Imagine Linkin Park, only darker, more claustrophobic, and then you are somewhere close. Growled lyrics, wall of sound but somehow compressed, this all adds to the anxiety educing sonic assault.

There is a savage urgency to this body of work, ugly beautiful. I’m not usually a fan of the deep guttural vocals predominately used on 'Lost In The Waves' but they really do add to the panic attack feel. I’m three tracks in and I just want a hug! My skin is crawling and I feel unclean. I like music that makes me feel uncomfortable and this has it in spades.

“Silent” is a particularly jarring to the nerves, just the stutter of guitars playing on already frayed nerves. “Visage” is a change of pace, throwing the listener off guard and adds to the schitzophonic quality of the album, drawing you into the song before the sonic assault kicks in again. Imagine if you can: being stuffed into an oil drum and thrown down a flight of concrete stairs, that’s kinda what LANDMVRKS have done with this release.

I recommend playing loud for maximum panic inducing pleasure. I’ve not had a go yet but I would image this sounds all kinds of awesome on a set of headphones. As the album progresses I’m hearing Enter Shikari, Iwrestledabearonce and a plethora of other bands. LANDMVRKS have clearly drawn inspiration from a slew of places but they have kept a fresh take on what they do. I want to lie down in a dark room and decompress, I love it.

'Lost In Waves' is a sonic nerve assaulting tour de force, relentless in its attack on the senses right until the last note. Bizarrely it’s still a pretty accessible album with some almost sing along parts, Genius! 'Lost In The Waves' is 32 minutes of pure pleasure, buy it and do yourself a favour.

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Review - Andrew Forcer


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