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KOYO Release Video For New Single 'Straight North'

Long Island, NY supergroup Koyo have released another new track, "Straight North" on Pure Noise records.

"Like a lot of the bands Koyo is inspired by, I feel we exist on a bit of a spectrum sonically. Some songs are more high energy and inspired by Hardcore, others are more nuanced and ballad-like. 'Straight North' exists more on the ballad side of the spectrum. 'Straight North' is a sister song of sorts to a track on our first EP called 'Heaven So Heavy'. This song was written before any of the previous material. It’d been in the chamber for almost two years before we actually decided to record it as a single. Although it’s about a now very distant time in my life, I feel there’s potentially something tangible and meaningful there for people who may have felt or feel a similar way. I hope people can relate."

says singer Joey Chiaramonte .


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