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KING 810 Reveal 'glow'

KING 810 has revealed their next project, under the black rainbow, an episodic film series, accompanied by a soundtrack of the same name. Rollout of the film series has begun, with the music EP - the songs living inside the film - arriving at DSPs on 12th July.


The follow up to 2023's 'follow my tears' EP is perhaps the group's most uniquely ambitious piece of work to date. David Gunn, Eugene Gill and their familiar cohorts independently funded, wrote, directed, produced, filmed, acted, edited, and distributed 'under the black rainbow'. The band once again teamed up with producer Josh Schroeder for the writing and recording of the musical portion of the film. The story unfolds when KING 810 encounter an enchanted instrument belonging to the angelic priest, King Melchizedek... 

Frontman David Gunn explains the project:

"I don't recall formulating under the black rainbow in a single flash of inspiration. More so it was an accumulative effort being a writer of stories, of poetry, of music, and a director of those most trite and stale things called music videos. From these creative vocations all it took then was to listen for an idea to come through. The idea always has to be new, not only to us but to all. Not only novel and unique, but something challenging that may lie just beyond our perceived abilities. So, this project is our attempt at that. To tell yet another story."

Regarding the single, 'glow', he continues:

"glow is about a pair of young & innocently uncultured lovers from rural rustbelt USA. In a world of ever-present shimmering synthetic facades, the two are content with that modern impossibility we call anonymity. "Easy to hide inside a world where we don't glow..."


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