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Keep This Up Release New Single 'Bury Me'

Having left behind their early beginnings as a Pop Punk band, Peterborough natives Keep This Up have reinvented themselves, and are now ready to unveil the first chapter in the new life of the band.

Keep This Up - aka Jared (Vocals), Chris (Guitar), Jon (Guitar), Dan (Bass) and Dan (Drums) have embraced their love of heavier music and are now reflecting that in their own songs. Their new single, 'Bury Me', is a highly enjoyable slice of Post-Hardcore and signifies the beginning of a new musical direction for the band.

For a bit more about Bury Me, we hand over to the band to elaborate:

"'Bury Me' was the first of the new tracks to be written for the band, exploring the new direction. The song itself is about walking away from a toxic environment – When you know something / someone is bad and you just need to cut all ties. This track helped make way for the other new tracks we have written as we used this one to determine sound and direction for what will be coming next."


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