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Jesus Piece Release Video For New Single 'Gates Of Horn'

Jesus Piece gallantly broke onto the scene, turning heads for their feral live shows and grandiose, melodic songwriting which has since cemented them as standard stirrers and boundary-breakers. On '…So Unknown', their Century Media debut, listeners ascend to the apex of Metal and Hardcore– where a mix of complex instrumentation is led by a manic, shaman- like vocal delivery from frontman Aaron Heard. It’s a cluster bomb of ten anthems, bursting at the seams with memorable riffs and pulsing with fresh ideas. Drummer Luis Aponte promises,

“This is as close to a Jesus Piece experience as you’re going to get without standing in front of us.”

Their new single, 'Gates of Horn' infuses industrial ambiance juxtaposed against start-stop rhythms, breathing and blasting before merging towards a terrifying, swinging groove. Its accompanying video, directed by Eric Richter, takes viewers through a series of recurring nightmares.

“The number one thing is the live performance,”

says Aponte regarding Jesus Piece’s venomous live reputation.

“You can be in the studio and make that record sound insane but if you’re not giving that same energy, that same feeling when you play live, it just doesn’t matter.”


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