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Jaret Ray Reddick Highlights Mental Health Awareness Month With New Single 'There Is You'

May 2024 is a big month in the world of Jaret Ray Reddick. At the end of the month, he celebrates three decades of his other musical life, the 30th anniversary of the Grammy nominated and fan acclaimed pop punk band Bowling For Soup. May is also Mental Health Awareness Month, something else of great significance in Jaret's life. 

Through his own struggles with anxiety and depression for many years, to more recently being an advocate for positive mental health in interviews, conversations, and most recently on stage, not to mention being a board member of the Punk Rock Saves Lives charity, this is a cause very dear to Jaret's heart. This brings us to his brand new country single There Is You

'There Is You' is a track that at its heart carries the simple message that no matter how dark things may seem, they can get better. Most importantly of all, that the world is a better place with each and every one of us in it, no matter how bad we may feel about things at times.

Commenting on his new single, Jaret says:

"Mental Health wasn’t something that was ever even on my radar. I thought depression meant “sad” and that certainly wants something that applied to me. When anxiety and later depression kicked in my door, my life was forever changed. It took a long time to get here, but I’m ok. I want people who are suffering to know that they can be too. ‘There is hope. There is love. And thank god there is you’."


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