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Jamie Webster Releases New Single 'Sing Your Tears'

Indie singer-songwriter success-story, Jamie Webster releases his latest, deeply-felt, proudly-sung anthemic single, 'Sing Your Tears' to praise the courage it takes for anyone to talk and share their pain when life feels tough. A new festival field-filler swelled with compassion and real-world experience, the song’s sensitivities are matched by smile-wide, upbeat melodies to celebrate the essential, simple joys of throwing arms around each other and singing the roof loose.  

Webster says:

“’Sing Your Tears’ is a song about raising awareness to speak up if you're feeling down. In this song the word ‘sing’ is sometimes used as a metaphor for talking and speaking out. But at the same time, sometimes singing itself just makes you feel better and lifts your mood. The "da da da da's" are a symbol of everyone coming together to sing their tears away.”


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