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Ida Kudo Releases New Single 'Let’s Rewild The World'

Danish/Japanese “Scandinasian-pop” newcomer Ida Kudo is delighted to kick off the new year with her new conservation-focused single ‘Let’s Rewild The World’, released on 17th January 2024.

The track is the latest to be taken from her forthcoming new EP 'Proud', set for release on 19th April 2024 via Nordic Music Society.

Consumerism, pacifying comfort, and the underlying pressures of modern society are some of the critical points Kudo tackles on the new track, as she sings: ‘We control and tame for profit, gain, modern life. Will conformity silence me 'til I die? Dangerous comfort…’

A celebration of musical genres, ranging from beat-heavy verses to disco-esque choruses, the new single offers attitude, distortion, and swagger as well as a bright, snappy, pop vocal and a surprising continuation of the tradition of protest song.

“It seems to me the Western world is losing track of its own identity as we’re neglecting the importance of the deep values we stand upon,”

says Kudo.

“The 'wild' element in us; our conscience and inner freedom, is numbed and tamed by comfort and materialism in a modern society standardising us instead of teaching us how to listen to our inner voice."


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