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Hot Water Music Release Video For New Single 'Collect Your Things And Run'

Acclaimed Punk band Hot Water Music are excited to present the music video for 'Collect Your Things And Run,' the newest single to be lifted from the March 18th 2022 End Hits Records release of the band’s brand new studio album, 'Feel The Void'.

Inspired by the band’s affinity for watching skate videos during their youth — along with the vibrant relationship between music and skating in general — “Collect Your Things And Run” was created with the help of Andrew Canon at Santa Cruz Skateboards. Canon, Joe Perrin, and Eric Palozzolo (also of Santa Cruz) enlisted pro skaters such as Steve “Salba” Alba, Emmanuel Guzman, Jereme Knibbs and Kevin Braun to lend footage to the entertaining clip alongside the members of Hot Water Music themselves skating, singing and having fun in their respective locales.

“The end result is cooler than anything we could have hoped for, and we all felt like kids again making and watching the video,”

said Hot Water Music bassist Jason Black. Co-vocalist/guitarist Chris Wollard also had the following to share about the song itself:

“In some ways it is about standing up for who you are, but it’s also about discovering who you really are. It’s about learning to live in the moment and not letting circumstances bring you down. Find yourself and accept yourself. It’s OK to be a work in progress.”


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