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HOLY FAWN Release New Single 'Void Of Light'

Holy Fawn, who recently announced the September 9th arrival of their eagerly-awaited new album, 'Dimensional Bleed' (via Wax Bodega), offer a final preview of the 10-song collection with “Void of Light”.

Singer/guitar player Ryan Osterman gives insight into the making of the track:

“Due to the circumstances surrounding the creation of this record, we had a unique opportunity to experiment with ideas and instruments that we wanted to include on 'Death Spells' but didn’t quite have the space to do. With the process for 'Dimensional Bleed' being so heavily remote based, we were left to our own devices and that led to incorporating a lot more electronic and tape elements (along with much more synth/keys), which would become the backbone for many of the songs. I really feel it allowed us to explore a new sound for Holy Fawn as a whole and something we’re really excited to incorporate into this new chapter as a band.”


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