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Hawthorne Heights Release New Single 'Lucerne Valley'

Hawthorne Heights have released emotional new single 'Lucerne Valley'.

Speaking about the new single frontman JT Woodruff said:

"My ideal world has basically nothing in it other than people. In a world of commerce and entertainment, I am a minimalist.
However, in terms of emotion and words of the heart, I am a maximalist. I try to be exactly where I am at that moment, with who I am at that moment. While writing this song, I was on a family retreat driving through the Mojave Desert, and I was looking out into the silence all around me. I was wondering to myself, who would intentionally move to a place so desolate, and I realised that person is me. I crave nothing from the chains and big box stores, and buying anything for myself offers me no satisfaction. So while writing this song I was thinking about how there is something comforting in loneliness, and how we have become overrun with notifications from someone trying to buy and sell our distractions. We look at our phones all day, and they wipe away all of our potential, by raining constant notifications. Maybe we are just a little too connected to each other, and we need to unplug and rewind. While in the headspace for The Rain Just Follows Me cycle, I have been using rain in different ways, as a metaphor, to describe the storm that is raging in all of us."


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