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Happy. Release Video For New Single 'Background Noise'

Emo/Pop-Rock band Happy. reveal the music video for their latest single, “Background Noise.” The video reminisces on better days and memories with loved ones, as it’s made up entirely of home movies from the band members and their fans.

Vocalist/guitarist Tate Logan shares:

“Background Noise is a song about unconditional love for someone in your family through all of life’s hardships. With this year being so difficult, we created a visual that reminded us and fans of our loved ones and of great memories. Most of the video is us as children experiencing some of the best moments of our lives. The rest of the video is incredible submissions from fans of moments that brought them joy before the world flipped upside down. We hope this video gives fans a comforting nostalgia while also encouraging them to appreciate the relationships they’ve grown over their lives.”


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