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Hammok Releases Video For New Single 'Seance'

Hammok presents "Seance", the latest taste of their upcoming debut album "look how long lasting everything is moving for one". The single is served up with an explosive one-take music video produced in the childhood home of vocalist Tobias Maxwell Osland.

"Seance" shows the band's most direct side yet. The song barely rounds out two and a half minutes and at that time gives you a masterclass in hardcore chorus flair. The soundscape is controlled by a constantly forward-propelling drum machine and a metallic synth bass where vocalist Tobias Osland is given plenty of room to dominate the listener's eardrum.

With fragmented images inspired by horror films and occult traditions, "Seance" brings out a deeply dark and disturbing reality where the protagonist finds themselves in their worst nightmare. A feeling of being haunted or persecuted, a life where your reality is terrorized. Where it all began, in a SEANCE.


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