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Graphic Nature Release Video For New Single 'Headstone'

Rising British metallers, Graphic Nature, known for their aggressive contemporary sound, one influenced by Nu-Metal and early 2000’s Metalcore, have released, ‘Headstone’, the latest single from their highly anticipated debut album, ‘a mind waiting to die’, released on February 17, 2023 via Rude Records.

“'Headstone' is a track mainly about depression, and how our own mental health issues can lead us to using substances to just feel an ounce of normality,”

explains vocalist Harvey Freeman.

“Whether it’s prescribed to you or it’s an addiction of some other sort, it can change us in ways we’d often rather not talk about out loud. The lyrics were written at some of my lowest points and detail my frustration with how day to day life was spiralling downwards. Thankfully, I have been in a good headspace for a long time since. I’m just glad I got to put it in a song to raise awareness of the severity of what mental health issues can do to us as humans.”


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