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Gallus Release New Single 'Wash Your Wounds'

Hot off the heels of their explosive debut album’s release, ‘We Don't Like The People We've Become,’ Scottish indie-punks Gallus share their new single, ‘Wash Your Wounds’, out now on Marshall Records. 

Fuelled and influenced by a shared determination to dig deep and rise above during challenging times and encapsulated by frontman Barry Dolan's distinctive dark sense of humour. Produced by the band and Blair Crichton of Dead Pony and featuring Tina Sandwich, ‘Wash Your Wounds’ emerges as another alternative, angular masterpiece from the Scots.

Speaking on the new single, vocalist Barry Dolan shares:

“The song was inspired by an actual wound on my foot, which required washing every day, so I started saying ‘wash-yer-wound’ a lot… When I came up with the chorus, it fit in nicely.
“Obviously, the song isn't literally about washing an infected toe.”

Jests Dolan,

“It’s a phrase that more broadly came to mean being stoic in the face of never-ending crises. No matter what, you must wash your wounds and face them head-on.


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