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French Cassettes Release New Single 'Good For It'

San Francisco Bay Area quartet French Cassettes released their sophomore album 'Rolodex' last December via Tender Loving Empire to much high praise. They have now returned with new single, “Good For It.”

Discussing the track, guitarist/vocalist Scott Huerta noted,

“'Good For It' started while I was living in a very quiet house that had a full drum kit in the living room. I’d only play it when all my roommates were gone. I had just bought this new mic and wanted to try it out, so I recorded a drum beat and added guitars and vocals as a sort of test song for the microphone. I was very upset because someone I knew was having a rough time. So while doing the scratch vocal with nonsense lyrics, I unintentionally started singing: 'I thought you said you were feeling better…'. That first line cascaded the rest of the lyrics which I’m usually very slow with. The guys liked the demo and we made a new recording that we loved and planned to put on Rolodex, but agreed we should save it. I laugh at myself when I listen to it because to me it’s a very angry song, but me angry is the kid swinging at air while you’re holding them back by their forehead.”


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