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Frank Turner & Jon Snodgrass - 'Buddies II: Still Buddies' Album Review


1. Still Buddies

2. Retractions

3. S-Bar

4. Stephen Plays The Drums

5. MacBeth

6. Bad Times Good Vibes

7. The Age Of A Dog

8. The Fleas

9. Hold Me Homie

10. The Earth Is Flat

This album has been one fans have wanted for a long time and it seems like the hype surrounding it in the community is huge. Adding to the fact that 2020 has been a very dry year for new music, thanks to Covid-19, the fact that Frank and Jon have reunited has made a lot of people very happy.

It has been 10 years since 'Buddies', but other than a change in stories, you'd never tell. It's basically an album of banter and fun between two friends, with an epic soundtrack added in there.

'The Fleas' takes on the current pandemic and state of the world in a way only these guys could, although in a more serious vein than most of the album.

A very short track called 'Age Of The Dog' is possibly the most bizarre album track I've ever heard, but it still has that something that gets you tapping your foot along with it.

To finish, I am already a fan, but I'd absolutely recommend this album to anyone. It's funny, the music is quality and there are some good messages in there too. Well played Frank and Jon!

Review - Vikki Holding


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