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FEVER 333 Release Video For New Single '$WING'

GRAMMY® Award-nominated musical activists and genre-bending rock outfit, FEVER 333 have returned with '$WING', their first studio single in three years.

'$WING' expands upon the band's signature blend of rapid-fire rap cadences and visceral punk expression, coupled with frontman Jason Aalon Butler's socially conscious lyrics — this time taking aim at the sports industry's historical exploitation of people of colour and the fight for agency and autonomy. Butler paints an articulate, focused picture without sacrificing venomous reproach and unbridled aggression.

"In a system that exploits the aforementioned instruments of power (the people) for financial and political advancement, we must collectively understand and redirect the dynamic once we realize that we are not powerless against it",

Butler asserts, before adding,

'$WING' is a sonic reminder that you are the power that they seek and you are the resource they need".


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