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Dwarrowdelf Release New Single 'Deliverance'

With the much heralded announcement of their new album, "The Fallen Leaves", revealed late last year, atmospheric black/death metal project Dwarrowdelf are delighted to reveal a brand new single to kick off 2024 at full force. 

The new single, "Deliverance", is a full force musical journey, for which Dwarrowdelf mastermind Tom O'Dell is happy to give more insight into:

""Deliverance" is the real mission statement for "The Fallen Leaves".  Chronicling a hero's grim realisation and acceptance of their destined fate, the song blends a real variety of influences together seamlessly.  From bouncing melodeath riffs and searing blackened tremolo leads to brutal breakdowns and epic choirs, the track takes the listener on a truly captivating journey in its runtime, without the need for excess or filler." 


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