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Dream Wife Release Video For New Single 'Social Lubrication'

London-based trio Dream Wife – vocalist Rakel Mjöll (she/her), guitarist Alice Go (she/her), bassist Bella Podpadec (they/them) – release their electrifying third album, 'Social Lubrication', today! The band have unveiled the final single to coincide with the album release, the disco-leaning title track.

“Social Lubrication” serves as a rally against the patriarchy as they call out unsolicited advice and gendered violence.

“Exhausted. Done with being polite, done with sugar coating, placating, and pandering to patriarchal bullshit. Wanting to just exist, in this body without being pigeon-holed or judged for the bodies we exist in. Do the job well. Show up. Not play other peoples games. You can’t fix something rotten to the core - we need revolution not reform,”


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