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Desolated Release Video For New Single 'Victim' Featuring D Bloc

Hardcore outfit Desolated have released a music video for their new single 'Victim', tackling the soul-suckers and energy-vampires we all know and loathe. Featuring a guest appearance from D BLOC's Camden Good, streaming now.

On the new single, the band comment:

“‘Victim’ is a song grounded in reality from personal experience. It addresses the certain behaviour of that character we have all encountered one too many times in life. ‘Victim' serves as an outburst of the frustration caused in reaching out to help someone and your hand is repeatedly slapped away. It’s a call out to those individuals who thrive from wallowing in self-pity, blaming the world instead of their own destructive prophecy that put them there in the first place. Sometimes bridges must burn to find peace. We’ve all had people around us that just take and take - they drain the life out of you to feed their own relentless misery no matter how much you offer. This one goes out to them. The music video for this single has even been filmed and edited solely by Richy himself.”


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