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Dead Pony Release New Single 'Bullet Farm'

Scotlands Dead Pony have released a rousing new single, "Bullet Farm", via LAB Records. The Band depart from Glasgow’s fertile Punk/Post-Punk movement with a Grunge infused sound akin to Wolf Alice, Queens Of The Stoneage and Bikini Kill. Dead Pony’s sonic aggression is matched only by a no-nonsense attitude and infectious battle ready choruses.

"The idea for 'Bullet Farm' came during a night watching the new Mad Max film. I remember during one of the gripping chase scenes, I was washed over by inspiration for a riff and I ran downstairs to record it into my phone quickly. The chaotic and rebellious vibe of the song is mirroring the movie and it is fast paced and hectic with just a small break to catch your breath. 'Bullet Farm' is about excitement, turbulent energy and defiance similar to what I felt whilst watching that movie. I really want whoever listens to this song to feel like they have fallen straight into the middle of a Mad Max chase scene and to be immersed in the adrenaline and rebelliousness of the song."

says singer Anna Sheilds.


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