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Dea Matrona Release New Single 'Black Rain'

Irish rock duo Dea Matrona release new single “Black Rain”, the second offering from their highly-anticipated debut album ‘For Your Sins’, out 3rd May.

With its dark and moody demeanour, “Black Rain” opens with a low guitar strum before transcending into an instant rock classic. As it creeps to its crescendo, it symbolises the track’s lyrical themes of uncertainty.

Dea Matrona say about the single:

“‘Black Rain’ stemmed from a writing session we had a few years ago. It’s that feeling when your heart sinks. A feeling that everyone gets. Like a lump in your throat when you’re walking alone and think ‘I shouldn’t be here’ or when you’re with someone that might be bad for you & you start to feel scared. You can’t really pin down where this feeling started but it’s a sense of feeling trapped like maybe there’s no going back.”


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