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Crushed By Waves Release Video For New Single 'You Know'

Manchester's finest rising rock quartet Crushed By Waves had a brilliant 2023, and they're picking up straight away in 2024 where last year finished with another fantastic new single called 'You Know'.

A sultry, slow burning banger of a track, 'You Know' showcases both Crushed By Waves versatility and the range of styles frontman Arran Prime has at his disposal. Offering something a bit different compared to their recent previous singles (Too Much Too Fast, Nothing Left and Won't Get Out Alive), You Know shows Crushed By Waves truly have something for everyone. 

For more about their brand new single, we hand over to Crushed By Waves:

“'You Know' started as synth ideas which Arran had been playing around with and layering. As soon as the melody was in place it began to take shape and Dan came up with some really catchy guitar hooks for the verses. The synths really set the tone for the track and helped us explore that dark and sexy vibe. The lyrics speak for themselves."
“'You Know' was a wildcard for us boys. We had a lot of fun with this track experimenting with new ideas. Especially making the music video which has a ‘Sin City’ inspired look. I think we did a good job of capturing the concept of desire and power in this one. Fun fact, the ‘wine’ we are all sipping is actually straight cordial Vimto. We had brought a bottle of red wine to the set, but then forgot a wine-opener! This was only made even more hilarious by the fact that none of us knew how to play poker.”


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