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Crushed By Waves Announce Debut Album + Share New Single 'You Know'

Manchester's finest rising rock quartet Crushed By Waves kicked off their 2024 last week at lightning speed with their brand new single 'You Know', and there's no letting up from Manchester's fastest rising rock quartet. They had a brilliant 2023, and they have more huge news - their debut full length album is on the way! The album is called 'More To Life', and it will be available everywhere on the 22nd of March

Crushed By Waves debut album 'More To Life' features ten tracks of anthemic, varied, modern rock, serving as a perfect way for the band to take themselves to the next level in 2024. Away from the album's three hugely popular singles released so far ('Won't Get Out Alive', 'Nothing Left', 'Too Much To Ask') and new single 'You Know', 'More To Life' is an album where almost every song could be a single in its own right.

From Dangerous' soaring chorus and huge breakdown to the arena worthy synth rock of the album's title track, 'More To Life' offers excellent variety but with a consistent sound across the album.


1. Nothing Left

2. Dangerous

3. You Know

4. Optimistic

5. Won't Get Out Alive

6. More To Life

7. Faces

8. Lies

9. Close To The Edge

10. Too Much To Ask

To learn more about 'More To Life', here's Crushed By Waves frontman Arran Prime:

"Our debut album 'More To Life' is a reflection of where we are at as a band. At the time of writing and producing this album we were experiencing so many things for the first time together. Our first time touring, our first manager, our first time playing major festival shows, and our first national radio play for our songs. ‘More To Life’ is the concept of rebirth. Have you ever felt destined to fail? Felt trapped in a day-to-day routine wishing for a better life? Well this was about taking control of our fate and breaking free of the limitations we put on ourselves. Now we are starting to learn what we are capable of, we will never settle for less or compromise again.
Despite all of our own self-doubts, we have achieved more than we ever thought possible. We are finding our place within this scene, and growing a loyal fanbase who seem to love what we are doing and supporting us on our path. We once had a mindset of thinking, ‘Who the fuck are Crushed By Waves?’. We had total imposter syndrome all the time. However, after the year we just had, we know exactly who the fuck Crushed By Waves are, and if you don’t, then you are missing out. This album is just the start for us boys - we hope you enjoy what we created.
Crushed By Waves are a live band so if you want to experience this properly and feel the explosive energy we create as a band then you need to come and see this live. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. We owe everything to the incredible team we have build around us. Massive thanks to Marianne our manager and queen who works harder than anyone we know. Oz Craggs our producer who is both insanely talented but also equally as humble and a genuinely lovely person. And finally our videographer Oli Duncanson who turns our crazy ideas into a visual feast. Big love, Arran, Tom, Andy, Dan."


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