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Crown The King - 'Groundhog Day' EP Review


1. Melissa

2. Running On Empty

3. Groundhog Day

4. I Miss You (But I Don't Feel Bad)

This is a really promising debut EP from this new Irish band. Very much in the Punk Rock bracket but with some really interesting and different lyrics, especially in 'Running On Empty'. If they can keep developing and challenging themselves not to become another generic Punky Rock band they could start to become really, really interesting.

The standard driving guitars, bass and drums that you expect from the genre are all present, the vocalist has a perfect voice for the songs, but, and this is why they could be worth paying attention to, they are already pushing the boundaries of the genre. It feels like they may be willing to play with the conventions and stretch themselves.

'I Miss You (But I Don’t Feel Bad)' has a feel of The Pogues on speed (there’s an image!), it’s a break up song that is told from the perspective of someone who thinks the break up was a good idea but still has feelings for the other person, but isn’t ready to change who they are to reconcile. It brings in some great backing vocals and an almost call and refrain, while not being afraid to take the level down for a while, there is clearly confidence and a willingness to test themselves that bodes well for the future.

All in all a great debut with the feeling there could be much more to come.

Review - Iain McClay


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