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Crostpaths – 'Mutated' EP Review


1. Rampage

2. Hiding In Plain Sight

3. Defiant

EP’s can be a bit tricky to review, because for some bands you don’t get a real sense of what they do and how good (or bad) they are by just three or four songs. Luckily, Crostpaths’ new EP gives you every idea of how good they are with these three tracks, so that wasn’t a worry here.

Crostpaths are an Alt-Metal band from Kent, whose debut EP was apparently pretty popular last year, so here’s the follow up. And, to be honest, it’s pretty good!

Opening track “Rampage” sets the scene in a very strong fashion – it’s a driving, heavy anthem that I can imagine would destroy a venue when played live – I’ve listened to it countless times by this point and I still can’t stop bouncing around like a lunatic when I hear it. Also, it’s very hard to not yell along with the lyric “Back on my grind, Back on my Bullshit!”, especially when I am writing this review on a Monday!

The second track, “Hiding In Plain Sight” is pretty good – I like the riff and the general feel of the verse is excitable and energetic, but I was a little let down by the chorus, I didn’t feel as excited as I did when 'Rampage' slams into its chorus, but this is a perfectly serviceable song.

Luckily, the third track, “Defiant” manages to rise back up to the higher level of quality that “Rampage” provided at the start of this EP. I absolutely loved this song – both the verse and the chorus are great in their own right, and then combined together they just make an absolute banger. In fact, the more I listen, the more I think this is my favourite song over “Rampage”, but only just!

In short, this EP provides ten minutes of music that, if you are anything like me, will get you up and bouncing and your head banging like no-one’s business. It’s not perfect (the production feels a tiny bit thin in places), but Crostpaths are definitely a band to watch going forwards!

Review - Michael Braunton


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