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Crobot Release Video For New Single 'Everyone Dies' Featuring Stix Zadinia Of Steel Panther

The mighty Crobot have recently released their brand new EP 'Rat Child'. To go alongside the release, the riff lords have also dropped the official music video for the track 'Everyone Dies', which features Stix Zadinia of Steel Panther.

Zandinia co-wrote and mixed the song and even appears in the video! Speaking about the track he said,

“I think this song will floor people. You haven’t heard Crobot quite like this before. Writing this song with them has been a fantastic experience, and I can’t wait for people to hear it!”

Singer Brendan Yeagley adds,

"Whether you’re jammin’ in your Delorean or Mini-Cooper, we’ve always got something to take you back to the future. Riffs? Check. Spandex? Check. Sequins? You bet yer sweet Granny’s ass...So when you’re ready to rock, just call on your neighborhood friendly Crobot. We’ve got a real mutha for ya!”


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