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Counterparts Announce New Album + New Single 'Unwavering Vow'

Counterparts are back. The Hamilton, Ontario-based Metalcore heavyweights have announced their upcoming full-length, 'A Eulogy For Those Still Here', due out October 7th from Pure Noise Records.

The record finds Counterparts tapping into a deep sense of uncertainty and dread and pushing their visceral sound to even greater extremes to make their most definitive statement yet.

To mark the announcement, Counterparts have shared the album's first single "Unwavering Vow." Kicking off with a blast of pummeling drums and intricate riffing, the gut punch of a track offers a ground-shaking introduction to 'A Eulogy For Those Still Here'. After two minutes of intense aggression the song pauses for a brief respite of haunting atmosphere, then hurtles into one of the most crushing breakdowns the band have ever written.

'A Eulogy For Those Still Here', due out October 7th.


1. 07/26/2020

2. Whispers of Your Death

3. Bound To The Burn

4. Unwavering Vow

5. A Eulogy For Those Still Here

6. Skin Beneath A Scar

7. Sworn To Silence

8. What Mirrors Might Reflect

9. Soil II

10. Flesh To Fill Your Wounds

11. A Mass Grave of Saints


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