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Chapel - 'Room Service' EP Review


1. Pillow Talk

2. Miss The Days

3. Wow

4. First Love

I’ve listened to this EP a few times now and I really can’t think who this band reminds me of, which is great. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to someone for the first time and not been connecting them with someone else in my mind.

I had taken a break from reviewing for a little while. I’m glad this was my first review back, it’s gotten me interested, reinvigorated and raring to listen to more new music!

Chapel have produced an EP of what I can best describe as an intelligent, emotive Pop. The closing song of the EP, 'First Love', has massive hit just oozing out of it. All four songs on this EP are well crafted, have interesting and engaging lyrics and the music is just that little bit unexpected which makes the whole EP a highly enjoyable listen.

I think after 'First Love', the third song on the EP, 'Wow', is my next favourite but there is no weak link. I put the whole thing on repeat for a while and just enjoyed it.

Chapel were new to me when I listened to this EP, they may well be new to you as well if you take a chance and listen. If you like your music intelligent, slightly challenging with an emotional underpin welcome to your new favourite band!

Review - Iain McClay


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