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Blood Youth Release Video For New Single 'Cells'

Blood Youth have released a video for their massive new track "Cells".

"The approach we took for Cells is to try and capture the feeling of saying goodbye to a feeling you hate to feel, a person you hate to love."

explains guitarist Chris Pritchard.

"The song references the feeling of drowning a lot, and to really step back and think about what it means or feels like to drown is to be surrounded, overpowered and helpless to something much greater than you. But in order to live, you need to feel these things and suffer in life. Pain = growth in so many levels of life, and I guess you could use Samsara to universally capture the approach, the concept of pain and rebirth. This song is truly one of our proudest pieces of work and one of our most unique songs to date and we hope you feel it the same way we do."

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