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blanket Release Video For New Single 'White Noise'

Blackpool based multi-disciplinary auteurs blanket, return with ‘White Noise’, a sledgehammer blow of Shoegaze soaked, Post-Metal intensity. To accompany the track is an impressive and imposing music video, shot and edited by the band themselves. It explores the obsession of modern culture with other people’s lives and the looking glass voyeurism that screens emanate into contemporary culture.

“ ‘White Noise’ evolved from an idea we had during the production of our previous record, we stuck with the idea, and as the piece matured we followed with it, and this track really became the basis of the sonic progression of the new record.
With ‘White Noise’ we explored influences from artists we’ve always loved but haven’t previously pulled from, such as Converge, Cave In and Deftones, to create a much heavier sound while still atmospheric and with some post-rock influence.
The themes of this song and accompanying music video are an introduction to the concept of ‘Modern Escapism’ as we introduce you to the voyeuristic figure who acts as the omnipotent protagonist for our forthcoming album.”


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