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BEX Releases Video For New Single 'Fight'

Creative powerhouse and genre-collision experimenteer BEX is back with a new single ‘Fight’. ‘Fight’ is a rallying cry in the wake of a relationship breakdown with BEX’ signature scuzzed-up, grumbling basslines propelling a proper punchy chant.

As BEX says,

“Fight is not a love song, it’s the opposite. It’s an acceptance of embarrassment. Loving someone to then have it thrown in your face is embarrassing, when you try your hardest, never fight, and you’re getting along so well, it can be so confusing to find out they were never loyal. Fight is about how blind sighted I was, for so long and the way the whole situation made me feel in the end. Truth is, you never know another person, and trust should never come easy, that’s what I have learnt - you have to let people EARN your trust. Don’t just give it away.”


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