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Bedsit – 'Dead Bands' EP Review

There has long been a thread running through British Indie and Rock, of alienation, challenge to the established order and an ethos of doing it yourself as you know better than none else. That’s not always true of course but thankfully in this case I’m very glad that Bedsit took control and delivered this EP. There are shades of 90’s American Grunge, Indie Rock, Punk and, whisper it, Joy Division.

It’s a fantastic introduction to a band who’ve been starting to get noticed outside the Hull scene (a wonderful scene just now which is producing some excellent new music). It’s a full on rock EP of the type there are just not enough of any more. It’s lo-fi at times, rough and ready at others (clearly intentionally), polished at others and never less than excellent.

Bedsit were not a band I knew before listening to this EP but they are very definitely a band to keep an eye on, they are going out on on tour soon, I’m already trying to work out how to rearrange my life to go see them, you should too!

Some of this EP sounds like it could be early Mother Love Bone or even Alice in Chains but it has a very English sensibility to it as as well, a feel of Joy Division, of a number of 4AD releases and that quirky English taste that means it’s never less than 100% engaging but not derivative of anything that’s gone before it.

Go see this band and download this EP, you won’t regret doing either.

Review - Iain McClay


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