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BEACH RIOT Release New Single 'Tramlines'

Brighton Fuzz Pop band BEACH RIOT are pleased to announce their return this year with new single ‘Tramlines’.

Building on their fuzz-soaked Alternative Pop sound, new single ‘Tramlines’ is a dynamic offering that fully showcases the band’s admirable range, as it swings from intense riffs and pinched guitar harmonics to rolling dream-pop soundscapes and back again.

Commenting on the track, the band say:

“At first it seemed like a song about love, sharing love with someone special, and specifically that early stage full of crazy excitement. But when I started getting deeper into it there was more to it. The song is about escaping from a place of worry with someone you hold dear, with the feeling that you're lucky to have each other, but it also brings the thought of knowing that there are other people out there that might never have that—especially those close to you.”


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