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Avatarium – 'An Evening With Avatarium' Album Review


1. Voices

2. Rubicon

3. Into The Fire / Into The Storm

4. Lay Me Down

5. Avatarium

6. Shake That Demon

7. Pearls And Coffins

8. In My Time Of Dying

9. Medusa Child

10. The Sky At The Bottom Of The Sea

11. The Fire I Long For

12. Girl With The Raven Mask

13. Stars They Move

14. Moonhorse

An evening with Avatarium is one full of dark, brooding and atmospheric Rock, played to the highest standard and with a lead singer who has a voice perfectly suited to this music.

There is power and darkness in the music this band makes, they are high quality purveyors of a mixture of Prog Rock and Heavy Metal with a Doom Metal feel. It’s not laugh a minute but that’s not what they are going for.

Scandinavia has been a producer of some of the most interesting and talented heavy Rock bands of the last few years, it may be something about the long dark winter nights of something about the character of those who live there. There is a darkness evident in the national psyche of many Nordic nations which runs from the Nordic sagas, through some of the most excellent crime writing in the world to bands like this one.

The imagery at times slips into horror, at times it’s almost fantastical in nature, but it’s never straight forward or easily interpreted. This is not a band that are interested in giving you boy meets girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after Pop songs. Their ambitions are very much in a different direction.

Is this a record many people will put on for their Christmas celebrations or their next summer barbecue? Probably not. but if this is your thing I think you’ll love it.

Review - Iain McClay


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