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A Road To Damascus Release Video For New Single 'I'm Not Okay'

A Road To Damascus are back with a brand new single! After the successful release of their two singles ‘Echo’ and 'Fearless' in 2020, the quartet have once again teamed up with award-winning producer Andreas Krüger, for the creation of a brand new melodic and catchy Pop-Rock single.

"This song is about returning to your past and realizing how much your mental health has been damaged by that place - and the effort it can take to move forward in your life. Even though the title is quite negative and emo, our intention was for the song to be uplifting and cathartic. We think the song portrays that well by having both uptempo riffs and moody passages - having Andreas Krüger as a producer during the recording really helped us nail that balance",

guitarist Jakob Harris explains.


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